We are a team of professional personal time curators. Coming from all walks of life and across the globe, we have come together in our shared love of discovery and all things Korean. We’re just like curators at museums, really. They draw items from their collections to put together an exhibition: we pick the very best of places, people and experiences from the whole of Korea so that you can enjoy this amazing country to the full! DARAMJI means squirrel in Korean, by the way – clever and nimble!
Eunsook SEONG
Founder & CEO

Eunsook’s experience as a strategy and marketing consultant, having lived in three countries and visited over 90 cities, is what sparked her vision for DARAMJI – to offer insight and inspiration through personal time curation. Whenever she faced the challenge of having to understand a new community and its workings, often in a completely foreign environment, it was by connecting with people that she was able to learn and succeed. She moved to launch DARAMJI when she realized that so many of her colleagues shared her desire – to meet the right people, even when you simply don’t have the time to do the research.

How she managed a successful multinational corporate career, MBA from Oxford, writing books, and all her hobbies (she is an award-winning amateur sports climber and a keen painter) is still a mystery to us all. What we know for sure, though, is her unrivalled ability to connect to people with such warmth and kindness.

Youngwoo LIM

Hailing from Korea’s burgeoning electric vehicle industry, Youngwoo is our man for business insight and network. He found his passion for exploring new worlds and opportunities during his time at Samsung as an international sales manager; and he is already pursuing his love of adventure with DARAMJI as the chief of our second branch office in Jeju island. Having worked with business partners from all over the world, he also brings a wealth of protocol experience to the team.

Youngwoo is too modest to brag, but he is also our top expert on Korean history and heritage; stories he has to tell about Korea’s beautiful royal palaces are sure to mesmerize you for hours. What’s more, he can tell those tales in no fewer than five languages!

Minsik KONG

An ex-Air Force officer Minsik joins the team with his skills and experience in helping newcomers settle in Korea.  He became something of an expert on this as he supported many of his U.S. Air Force colleagues make home here. Minsik is known for his love of meeting new people and introducing his friends to each other, which makes him a perfect guide for those who have just moved to Seoul.

Following his military years, Minsik has been shuttling between Seoul and London, working on new brand launch projects and searching business partners in a wide range of fields. Having lived and studied in London and Montpellier, Minsik also happens to be a lover of all fine things in life; with a growing art collection of his own, he’s the person to call if you want to talk to great people about wonderful things at an awesome venue!

Juyeon PARK

If you ever wanted to catch up with the latest trends in Seoul, she’s the person to hang out with. We’ll never quite know just how Juyeon manages to stay on top of all the trends, from fashion and shopping to the hottest dessert cafes and personal care boutiques. Perhaps she was destined to leave her desk job and do what she does best – spoil her friends with the yummiest and the lushest.

Which is why we couldn’t be happier to have Juyeon as DARAMJI’s official tour master. A certified travel guide in Chinese, she is now learning Indonesian to extend her welcome to guests from the Emerald of the Equator.

Sangah AN

DARAMJI’s chief explorer. A serial backpacker who is always on the go, Sangah is a real ball of energy. Whether it’s outdoor camping, scuba diving or snowboarding, if you want to get away from all the buzz of Seoul, Sangah is the best guide you could want.

Having worked as a marketing specialist and a Chinese language instructor, Sangah’s also our China expert. Her love of the country has led her to travel all but three of 23 provinces of China. With her knowledge and understanding of the finer points of Chinese culture, you can be sure that she will know exactly where you’re coming from!