Off the beaten track.
Off the beaten track.
Your time in Korea should be about you and your interests, not ticking off touristy places from must-see lists. Be it a private tour tailored to your interests or behind-the-scenes access to some of the trendiest places in town, go with DARAMJI and stay off the beaten track.
Rest in Royal Peace Jongmyo
Birth of Seoul Chic Nagwonjang
Doesn’t get any fresher than this! Noryangjin Fish Market
The Not So Cold War
Meet the right people.
Searching for a new business partner in Korea? Need some expert advice or professional service while you’re in Seoul? Or just want a local friend to show you around? We’ll reach out to our growing network of experts and friends to connect you to just the right people.
Dongil KIM Wedding Photographer
Kyungsook SHIN Chef & Owner Recipe
Jinseo CHO Journalist
John JUNG Entrepreneur XOY BEAUTY
Beyond your imagination.
From working through your bucket list and preparing unforgettable moments with your loved ones to the challenge of making Korea your home, just ask DARAMJI to help you find what to do and enjoy Korea to the fullest.
Every Stitch Counts Jogakbo
Learn the Lingo
Mums know best Jipbab
Away from it all Temple Stay