12 - Nov - 2019
[TESTIMONIAL] One well-curated day is worth a week
This is a guest post by one of the two Chinese Oxford alumni visiting Korea for a forum. DARAMJI learned their preference and wants in detail before their visit to carefully plan the one-day itinerary catered to their interests.


How to spend a few hours to its fullest, before the meeting begins

This September, we were invited by the President of Oxbridge Society Korea to attend the Oxford & Cambridge Annual Reception 2019. It was my first time in Korea. I was naturally excited about the trip but knew nothing about the country, not to mention the capital city Seoul. We had a few hours to spare in between the business schedules without enough time or information to prepare for them. Our host, Dr. Park, kindly recommended DARAMJI to fill the gap.


A serene scenery of a traditional pavilion next to a pond in Changdeokgung Palace.

DARAMJI was very considerate and professional for this one-day trip.

They conducted an online survey* to know our interests, hobbies, time preference, and even favorite foods. Thanks to the thoughtful preparation, our journey was more meaningful in the company with Ms. An as DARAMJI Time Curator.


The carefully customized planning with the optimal curator

Ms. An greeted us in the hotel lobby at the exact time in the morning that she had re-confirmed the day before. To our surprise, she could speak fluent Chinese. What was more pleasantly surprising was that she earned her master’s degree from the same university where we have studied in Shanghai! In the hindsight, DARAMJI had intentionally arranged her to be our curator based on the pre-information which was so thoughtful.

The main building located in the middle of Changdeokgung Palace in Jongno, Seoul.

Thanks to the common ground to start our conversation like a breeze, we talked incessantly throughout the whole day. We shared the historical relationships between Korea and China while taking a stroll in the Changdeokgung Palace. On our way to the restaurant, we touched upon the freedom of expression while passing by a religious Choir singing a blessing loudly on the street.

One well-curated day is worth a week of visiting

Over lunch at the traditional Korean restaurant which we selected out of three options, we kept asking and listening about various aspects of Korea. It was enjoyable to try Korean food, even more so with interesting life stories of a local Korean.

The mouth-watering traditional Korean dish consisting of tofu and pork did not stop our conversation.

The topics of conversation got broader in the afternoon. We covered the differences and similarities of Korea, Japan, and China, the family culture, housing in Seoul, Chinese learning boom in Korea to name a few. These insights would have been almost impossible to get unless we had such a capable DARAMJI Time Curator. We would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a plan to visit Korea.

We went to a bookstore to deepen our conversation around Korea and the history of East Asia.

Our time in Korea was short but fruitful. Honestly, we could learn about Seoul and Korean history more than a week-long tour could bring. We realized that the limited time can be spent in its optimal way with the right curator like DARAMJI.


*With this 1-minute form, DARAMJI would prepare a bespoke itinerary only for you.