04 - Nov - 2018
[TESTIMONIAL] From Seoul to Busan with DARAMJI
This is a guest post by one of our recent guests from the USA. Her time in Korea with DARAMJI was packed with activities handpicked to cater to her personal as well as professional interests. 


Living in the USA, I’ve for some time been a big fan of Korean culture. I’ve been fortunate to have such warm and kind Korean friends who have introduced me to Korean food – I crave those wonderful home-made dishes. So I decided that going Korea would be a great idea. I wanted to experience first hand the country I had become so curious and intrigued about. I wanted to get a deep feel for the culture, the people, the history, the food and even the art scene.

But for all my admiration for Korea, planning a two-week trip was quite honestly beyond me. For one thing, I knew very little about the country. And working in international finance, I hardly had the time to do research myself. So imagine my surprise and relief when I came to hear of DARAMJI! I booked my flight and accommodation for the first few nights, then put everything to Eunsook’s care. And care she did from itinerary planning and logistics arrangement to tiny details that made my time in Korea just that much more special.

This being my first visit to Asia, Eunsook suggested that we go for a mix of popular, must-see destinations and hidden gems that are more to my personal taste. And I’m glad I followed her advice because every moment was just delightful.

My dad is a painter and I’m a big lover of all forms of art. So Eunsook took me not only to big museums like the National Museum and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, but also to amazing galleries around Samcheong-dong area. I certainly did not expect to be able to see an Anish Kapoor exhibition in Seoul. Eunsook’s itinerary was full of hidden little gems that I would have otherwise totally missed under a more “traditional” trip planning approach.

When we were in Busan, an international port city, I was once again amazed by DRAMAJI’s capacity to care for my personal interests and deliver such tall orders. When I mentioned to Eunsook that my next project would be project financing for port facilities, Eunsook immediately set out to change our itinerary so that I could visit the port in Busan. It was just amazing to see how she managed all those last-minute changes so that the trip could be that much more informative for my work. She even managed to contact those auctioneers at fish market to get us an opportunity to watch live fish auction.

From gorgeous sunsets on a boat, 5am escapades to the fish market, delicious street food, top notch dining, the best advice on beauty shopping and midnight karaoke, kitsch bar hopping, and even meditation experiences in absolutely beautiful Buddhist temples across the country, the things she managed to get for us were amazing! We had mountains, volcanoes, beaches, urban life and high-end shopping in a single trip!!

You HAVE to try DARAMJI. I honestly don’t think my experience would have been closely comparable without it because DARAMJI was the key to making my experience absolutely different to anything I have experienced before. Through amazing Eunsook and DARAMJI I was really able to totally forget about everything and enjoy the moments in Korea to the fullest. This is the best way to experience the country if you really want to have a memorable time!!