04 - Nov - 2018
[TESTIMONIAL] Like having a family in Korea
This is a guest post by a recent guest from Australia in search of a new purpose in life. How ironic, then, that he should lost his laptop which contained all his life’s work! Of course, DARAMJI was able to help him find it back as you’ll read in this fascinating account of his time in Korea.


I’m a 34-year old Australian doctor. I’ve travelled to many corners of the world, living in various countries over the past 10 years. I am curious in most aspects of life – I love exploring intellectually, geographically and emotionally, am adventurous, with a love of dancing and eating!

So when I reached a point in my life where I sought a life change, I resigned from my job and bought a one-way ticket to Korea unsure of what to expect!

For the three weeks I ended up spending in Korea, DARAMJI gifted me the most incredible experience. DARAMJI enabled me to enjoy the best parts of Korea, without needing to consult guidebooks, websites, and spend hours and days researching. Just about everything was taken care of for me as DARAMJI used the invaluable local knowledge and networks to take me to the best places to eat, visit, and sleep – I didn’t need to plan or think, which would have stolen so much time from me and been incredibly challenging also in Korea with the language and cultural barrier. I can so confidently say that I never would have anywhere near close to the amazing experience I had without DARAMJI.

For instance, for my love of trendy rooftop places all around Seoul, they made sure that everywhere we visited, from my hotel to cafes and restaurants, there would be a new rooftop establishment for me to experience. It was really these small details that made my time with DARAMJI so much more special and memorable.

DARAMJI’s local network shined everywhere we went. In Gyeongju, an ancient capital strewn with historical heritage and beautiful hanok(Korean traditional house), we visited an old manor called Hyangdan. Thanks to DARAMJI’s special introduction to the owner of the place, I was allowed to visit all corners of that amazing house which aren’t open to tourists. I also enjoyed the amazing privilege of having breakfast there – it was a traditional menu perfected over hundreds of years, passing onto generations after generations. Eunsook, of course, was there to explain all the background details and subtle nuances which you simply can’t find in guidebooks.

A real-life example which shows the value of DARAMJI comes from when I flew from Seoul to Jeju Island for a few days. Hours after arriving in Jeju, I realized that I did not have my laptop. I searched everywhere but could not find it. It took me a few more hours looking everywhere before I remembered that I left my laptop at the airport security check counter. Normally, this would’ve meant a massive disaster, losing all my work and personal life. So you can imagine my stress.

Once again, DARAMJI came to the rescue and literally saved my life. Within 10 minutes of my informing them, DARAMJI took ownership of the matter and managed to connect with the airport security, spoke with the relevant officials. and located my laptop! DARAMJI then swiftly moved to arrange my laptop to be sent to my next destination, and the laptop arrived there before I did in perfect working order, bubble wrapped and waiting for me! This could only happen in Korea, and only with DARAMJI. If I didn’t have DARAMJI, there is no way I could have navigated the language or the system to achieve this phenomenal outcome. Thank you DARAMJI!

In fact, I enjoyed their service so much that I decided to extend my stay by one week. I asked them if I could visit the famous DMZ (de-militarized zone between the two Koreas) and although it was such a last-minute request, they were quick to have all the necessary arrangements in place. And the actual visit was made all the more interesting because DARAMJI was there to answer all my questions about the historical background, current issues in the North-South relationship or what ordinary Korean thought about their northern neighbour.

All in all, DARAMJI delivered the perfect blend of assistance, support, and guidance, without ever feeling it was too much, or not delivering what I wanted. Literally, in every part of my journey, my expectations were exceeded as if DARAMJI was not only reading my mind, and knew not only what I wanted, but also what would wow me! It was like having a family in Korea to look after me!