20 - Mar - 2017
[Interview] A New BB Revolution – John JUNG & XOY BEAUTY

XOY BEAUTY is a brand-new cosmetics brand from Seoul. XOY combines the clean aesthetics of urban simplicity with uber-functionality – BB Water in a sleek white bottle is an eye-catching concept. DARAMJI met with the CEO, John Jung to discuss the inspiration behind the new concept and his plans for XOY.

DARAMJI – A new comer to cosmetics business. What motivated you to launch a start-up? And why cosmetics? 

I started my career as a salaryman, but I always knew that I wanted to find my real passion, something that would really get me out of bed in the morning.

Of course, finding the right business item took much longer than expected. In the end, though, I found my challenge in something so close to my heart – a great product which simply works for your skin. I’ve got this really weak skin ever since I was a child so I’ve alway been searching for products that work on me. So I thought, “why not make it myself?”

It also helped that my family runs a fashion business. We’re always talking and arguing about style and trends, so it seemed like a natural progression – you have to put things on your skin before you put on your clothes!  That’s how XOY came to combine skincare with beauty.


How is XOY different?

XOY aspires to be a truly unisex product which both men and women can use together; this is reflected in our choice of scent, ingredients, as well as design.

One of our most popular products is BB Water – a water-based version of BB cream. It’s closer to skin tonner in texture but with all the cosmetic effect of BB. Much lighter on the skin, but seriously moisturizing. Boys can wear it just as easily and comfortably as girls do. As with any other products on our range, the focus is offer something that is simple but effective – that way, it’s not just some fancy, over-worked concept and we can appeal to both men and women.

Our packaging is also user-friendly. It’s made of thinner material than other products so as to minimize the amount of product which gets stuck on the inside. We’ve gone for simple and elegant design.

Where can you get XOY products?

We’ve just opened a shop-in-shop store on Garosugil in Gagnam. We’re hoping to branch out to a few more select shops in Seoul. At the moment, you can go to xoybeauty.com to order products online.


What’s your target area?

Anywhere with customers looking for no-nonsense, effective products for their skin – and we’re eagerly looking for partners and retailers who will help us adventure into different markets! Currently we’re working to try the China market through CJ E&M’s Get It Beauty store – this is a seriously exciting opportunity for us! We’re also eyeing the American market with localized editions.


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