20 - Mar - 2017
[Interview] Wedding & Couple Photo Shoot in Korea – Dongil KIM

Koreans are known for their love of style – and the wedding day sure is no exception. Korean couples take months of meticulous preparation to make sure that they look their very best on the big day. What matters as much, or perhaps even more, is that the memories of that day look even better – wedding photography in Korea is a serious business.

So much so that, in recent years, an increasing number of couples from all over Asia have made their way to Korea to get their pre-wedding photography done here. From the trendiest wedding dress and the very best of Korean beauty products to the just right amount of digital retouching (we won’t mention the P word here), Korean wedding photography combines all the things that Koreans are so good at.

Dongil Kim is one such master of pre-wedding photography and a good friend of ours. We met with him to find out more.

DARAMJI – Could you tell us a bit about what you do?

KIM – I offer pre-wedding, wedding and couples photography service. So whether you want your wedding photography in Korea or want to keep the memories of your time in Korea with your beloved, I’m your man.


Sounds really interesting. Are there any trends in wedding photography?

Of course! The latest trend is to aspire to a more natural look – and that includes what you wear, where you are, and how you pose. Which is why I guess outdoor photo shoots are becoming more and more popular these days – and it’s my favourite too; studio photos tend to be a bit clichéd. So we find these amazing places, and you just enjoy the moment with your fiancée or lover as you do – walking, having a cup of tea, and taking. I try my best to avoid getting in the moment with directions and requests.


But I’m sure most of them are not used to standing in front of a camera?

That’s true. What I ask them to do is do what they do best – to look at each other. Then, no matter how nervous they had felt, they soon feel at ease; and I know that we’re in for another amazing photo shoot. It’s doesn’t take a professional model to get that wonderful look of love.


What’s your take on photography?

I try and give an earnest record of the feelings and moments that the couples enjoyed during their time with me. Photography is only as good as what’s in it – a good photo is one which brings back those genuine emotions. So, again, I try and avoid constructing affectatious scenes. Rather, my job is to capture natural and real moments – those smiles and laughters which may not be so dramatic but are nonetheless real.

Which venues do you recommend to couples from abroad?

I frequently find myself in Jejudo, Seonyudo on Han River, Bukchon Hanok Village and Sky Park.

Deoksugung Palace is also beautiful – it’s a small palace but so photogenic. Seoul really is full of pretty little places which are delights not only for the photographer but also for those visiting Korea. Even back streets and narrow alleyways make great scenes. I do fall in love with Seoul every time I go out for a photo shoot.

If you had to pick your favourite spot?

Anywhere with red brick and/or red tiled roof. It creates a wonderful sense of drama and colour.

Finally – all brides want to look beautiful. What’s your tip?

I ask my brides to gaze at their men. When a woman sees a man whom she loves, that face literally glows with smile. No make-up or lighting or Photoshop can possibly compete with that look of love. You really can’t ask for more than that. 


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