20 - Mar - 2017
Mums know best – Jipbab
Home Food

Here’s a universal fact: mum’s cooking is the best. No matter how many Michelin stars you manage to eat through in any city, nothing could quite beat the home comfort of a motherly meal.

Seoulites put a particularly high value on jipbap (jip (home)+ bap (meal) = home meal, preferably prepared by mum). That might have something to do with the fact that a large number of them come from other ‘provincial’ cities and towns, leaving their mum’s food behind to find opportunities in the nation’s capital.

Also significant are the still-vivid memories of poverty-stricken post-war days, running well into the 1970s. A common greeting in Korea, “Siksa hasheosumika?” asks, “Have you eaten?” Eating well is a serious business in Korea.

So for those in search of a truly local meal, DARAMJI offers an opportunity to experience jipbap prepared by the maternal friends of DARAMJI. You’ll be invited to a local family’s home and break bread with the family. It may not be the most extravagant table you’ll tuck into in Seoul, but you can be sure to get a serious amount of love and care. Each and every family has their own style and taste, but one home rule stands true in all households– mums know best.


EXPERIENCE with DARAMJI – Ask DARAMAJI for a chance to enjoy jipbap with a local family. We’ll discuss your plans, preferences and dietary requirements before connecting you with the right family.