20 - Mar - 2017
Away from it all – Temple Stay

Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of it all? Try temple stay.

A day at a Buddhist temple starts before the break of dawn. And there’s no mobile, no Netflix, no internet. Instead, your day consists of all-vegetarian meals, meditation, 108 forehead-to-floor prostrations, some more meditation, occasional cups of tea, and, above all, silence.

That might sound like torture disguised in grey monk’s robe. Yet temple stay programme, hosted by hundreds of Buddhist temples all over Korea, continue to attract tens of thousands of visitors every year from all faiths and backgrounds.

For many, it is a welcome break from the daily worries and the numbing buzz of modern life. Away from it all, you give yourself a chance to catch up – with yourself.  There’s no pressure to reach at some great revelation or enlightenment. It is quite enough to have that time of silent reflection.

Many large Buddhist temples offer popular temple stay programmes especially organized for foreign visitors, complete with English instructions and shortened ceremonies. While they might obviously be more accessible and comfortable, DARAMJI’s preferred option is to stay clear of crowds by finding refuge at much smaller temples hidden in those peaceful valleys. After all, it’s a journey in to yourself and that hardly needs a running commentary.


EXPERIENCE with DARAMJI – Arrange a temple stay with DARAMJI and get it just to your liking. From a few hours of quiet at a Buddhist temple in the middle of Seoul to a week of retreat in beautiful mountains, we’ll lead you to the right place of zen.